About us

Why we opened "SHOS"

Once, having set out to buy an original gift, they did not manage it. At that time there was no such gift, which would be nice to give, there was no such thing that I would like to receive as a gift.

The main task that faced us was to find not only interesting and original products, but also so practical and universal that everyone liked it. The main, not less important criterion is the quality of the products, which should be at the height, so before ordering we carefully check all the goods and work only with the best manufacturers.

And we can say that we have collected a collection of unique author's ideas.

What we offer

We are looking for new talents, opening new horizons and helping people find unique gifts.

In the store "SHOS" you will find things that are a pity to give, because I want to leave them to myself.

If you have come to us, then certainly appreciate the products for their impeccable performance and the special attention that the craftsmen and designers pay both to the products in general and to their smallest details. Every day we see with you what was invented and made by thousands of talented people. What adorns the world in a global sense, and what adorns the small world of each person. Let's plunge into this world together. And every day will be bright and pleasant. After all, happiness consists of small things, including those with which we surround ourselves.

Our goal

All are united by one thing - love of gifts - pleasant, unexpected or long-awaited.

We want to give people joy and smiles!