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Постер для молодих батьків "Мій перший рік" Expand

If you do not want to release from memory for a minute, you will need a special poster "My first year"! A stylish poster for a long time will save photos of significant moments, imprints of pens and legs, and much more.

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400,00 грн.

My First Year Post is easy to use. You no longer need to look for children's albums on shelves and fill up endless pages. Just go to the wall, take a marker and write interesting facts or stick a photo of a carapace. A poster is just one page, no books and volumes. It is compact and comfortable. It is impossible to lose, or forget to make new markings, because it hangs in the most prominent place in the children's. A handy tubing package can first store children's clothes, and then become an envelope for a message from childhood - a filled poster.

My First Year Post is:

• A board of respect for your baby. You can place on the poster all his "victories", achievements and touching photos. Is not the reason for pride?

• Memory. No matter how your child would be, opening the tube and opening the poster, you can remember the most invaluable moments of his childhood.

• Information for the whole family. Now you can not tell relatives about all the new skills of the baby 100 times. Invite guests - let them see everything with their own eyes

• Fun for the child. Young children are very fond of viewing their photos and listening to stories about themselves beloved.

• A beautiful decoration for children. The stylish and bright poster will be a great decor for the baby's room, and bright colors will stimulate the development of the view of the carapace.

• A letter from a childhood for an already grown child.

• A whimsical gift to a friend or colleague for the birth of a baby.

Completion: Poster; Marker for records; Stickers for signatures and individualization; Cardboard for cutting pen and pencils; Envelope for trifles; Detailed instructions for use.


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