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The wish card "Dream & Do" is your guide to dreams and desires, daily motivation and inspiration, a polar star, a landmark for achieving dreams.

Card size: 60x80 cm

Tube size: 64x7 cm

Language: Russian

Material: elastic plastic

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600,00 грн.

Ready to realize all your dreams? Then you need to be stocked with patience, a desire to work and a Dream & Do wish card. The DREAM & DO map is divided into eight major spheres of life: health, love, my home, work, development, people, character and rest. Make each area as the soul desires: attach the appropriate sticker from the presented set, make their own stickers that would motivate, cut out citations, and make inspirational recordings with the marker.

How it works: Rotate the map and examine all, all the details on it. Be sure to read the instruction that comes with the card, it will help you to more accurately set goals and more efficiently use the map. Now have time, stocked with a pile of magazines and scissors. Write out your goals for each of the segments of life and visualize them on the map, cutting out the most suitable pictures from the magazines. Well, that inspires a picture? At the end of each month, summarize with the help of the Wheel of Life, make conclusions, dreams, improve and become new goals. Goals can be put on a map for a month, year, or 5 or 10 years.

Pleasant Bonuses: Gift wrap - the card goes along with the designer tube in which you can immediately give her a gift. Stickers "Dreams-Hints" - stickers with common goals, the colors of which correspond to the shades of the sectors of the map. Stickers "My Dreams and Goals" are stickers for recording your own desires and goals. Stickers-quotes - stickers with motivational quotes that will help you to meet forces and implement the conceived. Stickers "The Way to Dream" - 20 simple but useful tips and exercises that will help you to get better and achieve your goal. Anime Dream & Do - a plastic card with great content. Put it in a purse or hang on the keys. It will help you not to forget about the important thing. Target Wheel - Assistant in the selection of one of the 8 goals. Scroll the top and bottom wheels and get the first target.

What's in the box: Instructions for use. Designer tube, which will be a great gift wrap. A marker that you can draw on a map and paint your plans and goals. A set of stickers. Stencil for cutting. Reminder sticker. Adhesive drops for attaching the card to the wall.


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