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Scratch World Map Travel Map Silver World Expand

Travel Map Silver World - the whole history of your travels on a stylish scratch map! Choose for yourself and your friends.

Scratch map size in expanded form: 80x60 cm

Tube size: 7x64 cm

Language: English

Material: elastic plastic

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600,00 грн.

Travel Map Silver World is a stylish and inspiring map of the world with which it is so convenient to plan new trips and open the world.

Mark the map on the map of the new countries you want to visit, write special memories related to the countries where you have already visited, draw the routes and identify the place special for you. Travel Map Silver World is a stylish gift that will motivate every day to discover the new corners and cultures of our planet. On the map you can easily draw a trip marker, and after the return wash it and draw a new one. The whole map is covered with a special silver scratch coat, which is easily erased with a coin, and the countries below it become colored, like memories of the journey. The Travel Map Silver World scratch map is an interesting gift for a friend who, it would seem, is no longer possible to be surprised.

Pleasant Bonuses: A marker that is easy to draw routes on the map, and on the return to wash and plan new ones. Plastic base on which you can draw. An interesting rebus on the tube that will help you to broaden your knowledge of this world.

What's in the kit? Designer tube for gift wrapping scratch map. A marker that is convenient to draw on a map and which, if necessary, is easily erased. Baggage tag on the suitcase to sign and easily distinguish your luggage among others. Felt scraper for scratch-covering from the surface of the map. A set of buttons for attaching the map to the wall.


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