A set of chocolates with prediction Happy bag Buddha

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A set of chocolates with prediction "Buddha" Expand

All Buddha's wisdom in chocolates. Delicious chocolate and wise, motivating advice from the Buddha, falling always on target! Well, how else? This is Buddha. 

Weight of the set: 87.5g

Size: 130x80 mm

Taste: black chocolate (73% cocoa content) with truffle cream

More details

60,00 грн.

These delicious and "wise" chocolates will always raise your mood and give you good advice when you need it.

What's inside

Seven sweets of delicious black chocolate and delicate truffle stuffing inside the wrapper with wisdom of the Buddha (in Ukrainian).

For example: "What we are today is a consequence of our yesterday's thoughts," "Who did not understand his past, is forced to survive it again," "Happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have. It depends entirely on what you think "and many others.

We do not know how this is happening, magic seems to be different, but all who developed the predictions and tasting this chocolate always pointed out that this prediction seemed to be written for them!

You want faith, and you want to check: give tasty wisdom to your friends and leave a couple of yourself :)


Cash - only when buying in a stories in the city Ternopil o Lviv

Non-cash - payment on the PrivatBank card when ordering in an online store


Ternopil and Lviv: 

Pickup from the shops "SHOS" at the address: Ternopil, Zamkova 3 (entrance from the end of the house) and Lviv, Volodymyra Vynychenka 4 street (in the courtyard of the building) 

Other cities:

- Delivery to other cities is carried out with the help of delivery service Nova Poshta.

- Delivery is possible only with 100% prepayment on the PrivatBank card.

- The transportation costs are paid by the customer upon receipt of the goods at the carrier's tariff.

- After the courier draws up the parcel, the customer receives a SMS message with the number of the declaration, which is required to receive the goods by mail.

Important information

- After completing the order on the site, within 24 hours, we will contact you to clarify the information on payment and delivery.

- After agreeing with the manager, the order is stored in the store for 24 hours. If you need to continue booking - contact the manager.

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