Every new journey is like a small life that we live to the fullest. Perhaps there is a very small number of people who would prefer to stay at home than to wave on a spontaneous trip somewhere in the mountains or a beautiful town somewhere in Europe.

But what to give to such people? The real travelers already have the most necessary things, so we offer our TOP 10 gifts to travelers, which will help to get more vivid emotions while traveling and to preserve their memories. These are cute and useful little things, without which you can live, but with them it is much better and more fun!

Scratch map

A perfect gift for those who travel a lot or are just starting their discoveries. The entire scratch map is covered with a special monochromatic coating that needs to be scratching in the places where you have been and the countries will become colored, the areas that are not wiped on the map will motivate you for new adventures.

Design options are many, in addition, you can choose a scratch map of the world, Europe, USA or Ukraine.

With each new trip, the map becomes brighter as life, filled with new bright emotions.



Useful and beautiful gift that perfectly helps out on the road and keeps the temperature of the drink for a long period. Pour hot tea into it if you are going to the mountains or choose cold lemonade and take it with you to the beach. An interesting print will emphasize your individuality and will delight your eyes every time. In addition, the thermocup is an ecological alternative to a water bottle or a paper cup of coffee in everyday adventures (like from home to work).


Road pillow

An indispensable thing on the road, will make the flight or trip much more comfortable. Now there are many designs and types: inflatable pillows under the head, orthopedic, with hypoallergenic filling, monophonic, with a print or in the form of animals and fruits. By the way, an extraordinary print is a great gift option for those who love various cute things. On our website you will be able to find not only a cool road pillow, but also to choose a not less cool sleeping mask that just becomes an indispensable thing on the road.


Sleep mask

As we already wrote, it is an indispensable thing on the road! Normal sleep is necessary for our body, especially when traveling, when we are tired physically and emotionally. During sleep, the body can relax and rejuvenate, normalize the nervous system and give it a little out there from the adventures that you have experienced. Darkness is needed for normal sleep. The eye mask protects from light, blinds in the eyes and allows the body to relax. In addition, they are so pleasant to the touch that they leave no one indifferent.


Travel book

Useful gift not only for girl, but also for men. Travel-book is a kind of organizer of your memories of the journey, there is a place for storing photos, memorable trifles like maps of the city, tickets to the museum or cards, a place for notes about the trip.

Travel-book helps not only to preserve the memories of the journey, but also to prepare for it. It is possible to make lists of places and establishments that you definitely want to visit, lists of things you need to take with you, what to bring, and other interesting things.

The most pleasant thing is that subsequently the emotions subside, the memories are lost, but when opening the travel-book, you will be able to relive everything again, to remember and, as it were, to plunge into those adventures again.


Waist bag

Convenient accessory in everyday life, and just a godsend when traveling! A banana easily accommodates a passport, money and tickets, a telephone and other important trifles that will always be at hand, but your hands will be free for photographing, ice cream or coffee, shopping, etc.

Not suitable for style? Then throw aside the stereotypical models and look for interesting interpretations of forms and various materials like leather, lacquered banana or models with embroidery, rectangular or semicircle, there are many options and if you have not yet felt the convenience of this accessory, you just did not find your own. Such an ideal waist bag is exactly on our website. Therefore, read the article and went to watch!


Passport cover

Universal gift that is absolutely necessary for everyone.

Bright, with eco-leather covers with cheerful prints, are no less reliable, but they will always please the eye. For business trips and travel there are discreet leather covers and pockets for cards and business cards.

Choose which version of the passport cover is more like you and your friends! With this accessory passport will be reliably protected from any external damage.


Travel case

A stylish gift that will be a useful accessory to anyone who deals with travel or frequent flights and trips.

The travel case contains travel tickets, a passport, documents, credit cards, a couple of discount cards, rights and, depending on the design, a pen, telephone and money.

Prices, material and travel case models are quite different, so everyone can find the best option for themselves.


Bright socks

Bright socks for the mood of travel and adventure! With such socks, even a photo is more beautiful, so what else to write about - a set of socks as a gift is a very good idea.



Traveling backpacks are avid travelers, but if you are looking for a gift for tourists who go on weekends or a week to stroll around the city, then a small backpack that holds everything you need will fit into your everyday style of clothing and will not be bulky - a great option. And yes, it is these backpacks that you can find on our website. We took care of a large selection, but now how to choose? Here you are already guided by the person to whom you are going to give or choose a universal color and model - a win-win.