Every time you see only the sour faces of your beloved ones when they unwrap the boring present on December 19? Or maybe you usually get something stupid and want to make a wish list, so that no one will present you something wrong? Then keep reading, because now you are about to get a portion of something incredible!

Original gifts for St. Nicholas day: our top 7 with a detailed description of each.

№1 Everyone loves body and face care!

and if someone says that it's not true - do not believe them! Everyone, surely everyone, loves to take care of themselves and their health. This is especially true in the harsh winter period.

Our skin begs for extra care products, such as flavored oils and natural scrubs. How nice it is to spend a couple of hours dedicated to your lovely self, light a scented candle and do some scrubbing procedure. Or add a bit of bath salt and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Now you want to get it all? Fortunately, in our stores, there are many body "sweets". There are even some that are suitable for men! Is he bearded one or cares about his hair? We have a variety of pastes and hair clays, waxes for hair and beard. Ask the shop assistants or order online.

№2 Lunch is always a good idea

Who doesn't like having lunch? Make a break during the day and have a meal, then drink coffee or tea. And some people don't even have time for this! During the busy working day, they can't go to the canteen or cafe. Or there are no such places near their work at all. So, if you know such a person and look for a gift for him or her - comfortable lunch-bag for everyday use is just the right choice.

Here are some signs which should help you understand whether this lucky one needs such an accessory: "home-made food is the best" put on repeat, he or she is the cooking fan or has someone who cooks the most delicious meals, a day without tasty dishes is not an option. Found familiar features? So do wait up and buy a lunch-bag for parents, friends or beloved ones.

It's the ultimate choice! There are different sizes for small and large food-devourers, some have special boxes inside, and some are the bag-like shape. Lunch-bags possess a heat-resistant cover, stylish print or phrase printed on them. Athletes, office workers, and students will definitely like such a gift. Lunch-bags are elegant and useful!

№3 Keep up with keep cup

In general, keeping up with English is translated as continuing to do something at the same pace, keep the "bar." And what better will it help you to work productively on a weekday rather than a cup of hot coffee? Or will it force you to go out on business on a winter day, when you do not want to hang around your blanket nowhere? You can take something warm with you in a comfortable cup and keep cup - just such an ideal thermocouple.

Keep up is an Australian brand that has made a real revolution in this area. After all, their thermocouples not only cool preserve the temperature of the drink, but also are safe for the environment, because they are made of ecoplastics, which can be recycled. Well, is not it cool? You drink yourself coffee and at the same time save the world!

They have a nice bright look, designer solutions allow them to be presented to men and women, and they are available in two comfortable sizes! As for me, it is both an original and romantic gift to Nicholas. After all, you will show that you really care about your native person.

№4 Nothing so motivates to travel ... as a scratch card

Usually when asking about a hobby during a dating, many people will say - travel, I like to travel or have a dream to visit n-kalkit countries. But how many of them will say - I often travel, from a few days ago was at ...? Exactly, almost no one.

Unfortunately, many prefer to spend more on new clothes or jewelry instead of travel. The material here-and-now often overcomes the prospect of receiving memories that will always be with you.

So you have such a familiar "waitress" who waits wondering why to start finally to spend their days in exotic countries instead of looking at bulls with exotic names in stores? Give him a card with a clear preference: travel, let go of everyday reality.

And what beautiful are these cards: stylish black with gold spray, transparent for real connoisseurs of minimalism, in the sea style with all possible inhabitants of the oceans! Smaller or even gigantic, with or without a separate Europe, with plastic or laminated paper. Not guessing with such a card is simply impossible.

№5 A completely non-childish gift: 3D puzzles

We are used to naming toys as all that children love, that they use and with which they develop. But, looking at WoodTrick's wooden 3D puzzles, it's hard to name them only kid's fun, designed primarily for a kid.

What are 3D puzzles? This is a set of several tens to several thousand flat parts, which, according to the instructions, can be transformed into complete 3-dimensional objects. I tell you, it's magic in the box! From small cabriolets to powerful trucks, carousels and inspection wheels, rifles (which are also firing safe wooden bullets) and guns with elastic bands - modern slider variants.

And all this is not just for children! Your boys, men, men, and even grandparents will definitely appreciate such a surprise under the Christmas tree. After all, it's interesting, non-standard (read: not just another pair of socks), it develops and makes you think how many things around us are constructed. No item in the collection is static! They all move, rotate, ride or shoot, for example.

This is definitely the pearl in our top 7 presentations to Nicholas and the perfect gift for a guy of any age.

No. 6 So, again about travel - travel-case

Scratch card with a scratch card, but with her you will not go on a journey. She can only push someone in the right direction. If your friend already has a map, but there is still no convenient accessory for travel, it will not be superfluous to have a trip-case.

You know how it happens: you have a lot of documents on your hands, insurance and passport, printed bookings or a few references. All this mumbled, does not fit each other in size, confused and torn. Does not fit in a banana or a bag and every time you have to spit out everything in new places. It's this, and not the robbers, it's a nightmare for every traveler :)

A travel case is a kind of organizer that has everything as convenient as possible. They usually have many offices where you can put all the documents, cash, cards, even a small notebook and keys. It is designed to be large enough to fit everything you need, and sometimes an extra lip balm that does not fit in any way in your handbag.

Exactly, completely forgot to add that it is not only comfortable, but also stylish. The travel case, which looks very solid and fashionable, can be used even as a clutch or document organizer, traveling only in the direction of home-work-entertainment.

№ 7 Superheroes in the world of umbrellas - Blunt

There are also "hard cases" when it seems that it is impossible to please a person who has everything ... and even a little more. But what, then, do not give anything at all? There are no hopeless situations, at least we believe in the "Six". There is always a chance at Shos, and even for your self-all-in-the-world, I have a friend also has an original present on Nicholas.

Such a Christmas surprise will be the umbrella Blunt. What? Umbrella as a gift, seriously? And why not, we will say with confidence. After all, this umbrella does not fit into any standard in this area.