Getting on a journey: what can you take with you on board an airplane, how to properly pack a backpack and what restrictions are hand luggage?

Traveling with lowcost avia is becoming more and more affordable, if limited to just one backpack. We try to uderstand what you can and what can not be carried in hand luggage. Make a list of the necessary things to take on a trip and learn to pack compactly.

Standards for the size and weight of hand luggage

Each airline has its own limitations, so after buying a ticket, be sure to check on the website of your carrier that they have restrictions on weight and dimensions of hand luggage or baggage, or you have additional bonuses depending on the ticket you have selected.

The general standards of transportation will provide from 40х30х20 cm to 55х40х25 cm. The weight can vary from 5 kg and up to 10 kg. In the registration area, you may be asked to put your backpack or suitcase in a special box. Will come in - take with you on board an aircraft, do not go in - will have to be taken in luggage, at what it will most likely be for an additional payment. Equally important, luggage surcharges, overweight, or on-site dimensions will cost you more than the previous payment.


Rules for carriage of food and alcohol in hand luggage

On board an airplane you kindly offer different drinks, feed and even not once, if the flight is very long. All this is included in the price of your ticket, or you can order this option on the airline's website. If you choose a flight by a lowcost avia, then the ticket price will most likely include only the cost of the flight, and for all additional services will have to pay extra and not quite cheap. In such situations, savvy travelers take food with them. Anything that does not remember will not suit you, it does not spoil your things and does not spoil. For example, apples or bananas, sandwiches, cookies, chocolates or nuts. Yogurt, cheeses like Bri or other pasty products will already be subject to the category of liquid and they may be asked to throw away when the control passes.

It's not allowed to take aboard a plane, but you can always ask for a glass of water at the flight attendants and no one will refuse you.

Baby food for children under 2 years of age is allowed to take in the quantities necessary for the child during the flight. There are exceptions, so we advise you to read more about the rules of carriage at the airport's website of the country you are flying.


Prohibited items for carriage in hand luggage

Liquids, aerosols and gels (various cosmetics) can be carried in hand luggage, but only in containers up to 100 ml which must lie in a transparent package of 20x20 cm. Only one package is required for each passenger. At some airports, these rules are very strict, some of the package sizes may not pay attention.

Techniques such as laptops, phone plates, hair dryers or electronic cigarettes can generally be transported, but there are exceptions that are better read to each country individually.

Alcohol in hand luggage falls under the category of liquid and also allowed in bottles up to 100 ml. Alcohol bought in duty free may be larger, but it must be in the company package and with a check.


Medications fall into the category of liquids and they are the same havens. You can take the pill aboard, but some may require a doctor's prescription.

Sharp, cutting objects can not be transported. No manicure sets, folding knives, blenders or skates, forks, knitting needles, corkscrews and even animal horns will be asked to keep them in the storage chamber or thrown in a garbage can.

The same applies to any weapon - it is impossible to carry.

For all other things there is a basic rule: if the thing is not sharp and placed in size in the hand luggage, then it can be taken aboard the plane.

Before the flight, however, we advise you to read the luggage transportation rule specifically for your airline, to be calm for your own belongings and not to have trouble at the airport.


The most needed things on the trip: what should not forget and how not to overload your backpack

Quite a tough task: to collect everything you need and not overload the backpack. This will help you to list, which should record everything that you need to travel. It's best to start writing this list a few days before leaving to remember everything you need and be able to buy something that's missing out. When meeting do not forget to take into account weather conditions and climate. After the list is folded, lay out all the things on the floor, look over them again and take away what is less needed, for example, think of how to replace two sweats with one universal, and take the shirt to be able to put on the jacket if it is cold.

For those who have a travel book, this task becomes much simpler. The notebook has special check sheets that are easy to fill and place checkers in front of all things when they are already packed in a backpack. The experience of past travels will be very useful, they recall what was missing last time and what to bring with you. Travel book is a handy notebook organizer for your travels, many useful plates, tips and reminders inside there are places for your photos, empty pages for notes and travel impressions, comfortable pockets for memorable souvenirs from every journey.

Collect all the necessary documents and check again before leaving home. It is better to pre-print your flight tickets and hotel reservations, a copy of the passport and insurance, in case you have no internet in the other country or it may disappear.

We recommend to cash in international currency at once. If it is possible, exchange some money for local, it is desirable to even have a couple of small bills to be able to pay for travel and upon arrival, do not exchange at the airport for a not-so-profitable rate.

All essential things, gadgets, money and documents are taken in hand luggage, so they are safe when luggage can suddenly lose. It is very convenient to keep all the documents in a special purse or waterproof case, like a travel case. The Travel Case will save your documents, most of them have special pockets for each document, and a blank place reminds you if you forget about something.

Travel Case is a very cool and useful gift for anyone who loves to travel. You can choose from our website, there they are represented in different designs and colors.

Changing food can affect our body, take care of standard medicines that help normalize your body, take familiar antiviral medications, as it will be difficult to find the right medical device in another country, and such purchases can dramatically affect your budget.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Share your life hacking while traveling in the comments.