The planet needs environmental awareness from its inhabitants. We could not and did not want to stand aside. We offer several gifts for all ecologically indifferent visitors to our store: original eco bags, bamboo toothbrushes, thermo cups and other things that are quite necessary for each person, which also benefit the environment of our planet.

Read and leave a review: what eco products would you like to see on our showrooms soon?


Bamboo toothbrushes

All bamboo toothbrushes are made of this type of bamboo that does not eat panda, it grows very fast and usually on lands that are not suitable for farming, thus not detrimental to their activities.

Unlike plastic brushes, a bamboo brush is laid out in the ground 20 times faster and does not pollute the planet hundreds of thousands of years. So this is a very interesting and ecological alternative to our daily use.

On our website we have brushes in several colors. Order yourself and your friends, take care of the planet and your close friends.)

Eco bags

Who else does not have comfortable eco bags? We have assembled an interesting collection of environmental bags on our site. They vary in design, material and color, with a vivid print and minimalistic, bigger and smaller ones, with a pint and the most standard ones.

Wearing such bags is possible (and even very stylish!) as an independent accessory that will fit perfectly into the everyday look of a boy or girl, and in the case of unplanned purchases, folded in your small handbag.

We love eco bags because they can easily drop packages in the supermarket, and even because of them incredibly stylish instances that broadcast our thoughts through words and pictures. There are a lot of interesting bags. You just have to choose your own and say no to plastic bags.


Lunch bag

We put food in a lot and a bag, right? No, in lunch bag! A special thermo bag that will keep warm and will not let the salty sauce from the salad leak into your bag.

Lunch-bags have long been part of American culture, which we have not yet taken root. It's a pity because they are really very comfortable, perfectly protect the backpack from stains and smell of food, have a lot of different sizes and designs, but most importantly, let us get rid of the use of one-time packages.

If you take food with you for study, work or even a picnic - look at our lunch bags, this is a very good gift to ourselves and friends.


Tea brewer

Until one day, we did not even think that every tea bag is a small piece of plastic that contaminates our planet and decays thousands of years. It is better to buy sweetened tea and brew in a cup. In case, if you do not like floating tea leaves in a cup, then our multiple silicone brewers will be a wonderful, ecological way out of this situation.

They have an interesting design and will look cool in a transparent cup.

Buy a tea brewer for yourself or as a gift to friends, see all the designs by clicking here.

Thermo cup

We think that everyone has long been acquainted with the thermo cups and talk about what is a useful thing and a wonderful gift it ss – there is no need.

But if you suddenly still do not have a favorite thermo cup, do not carry it with you and do not use a discount of 10% in many cafes (the discount is valid if you use your own cup instead of a paper glass), then we will remind you that on our website there is a large selection of thermo cups for every taste.

So be conscious, buy it for yourself and as a gift for your friends! Save money and hundreds of cardboard cups of the planet.

Wooden toys for children

To educate in ecology from the childhood, to tell and explain to children all the importance of ecological life, from sorting garbage to family cleaning of the selected area in the forest near your city.

Even toys can be bought wooden, not plastic. After all, they quickly bother children, break and then fall into the very giant mountain of rubbish, which for millions of years will remind us of ourselves.

In our store you can buy incredibly beautiful and developing wooden toys. Created by young Ukrainian brands caring about the planet and your kids, they are quite affordable and will be a good gift.

Some of our products are sold in glass, so you can give the jars a second life. In packaging, we use recycled paper boxes and packaged only in kraft bags. We are trying to work with environmental producers of cosmetics and their products in general. Still much ahead.

We will be very glad to read under this post your offers of ecological gifts / products that you would like to see in our stores.