Where to buy a gift in Ivano-Frankivsk? Find yourself "shos" in our SHOS! So, since August 1, the SHOS Gift Shop opens its doors in the center of Ivano-Frankivsk, that you could come to visit us and buy interesting or extraordinary presents for yourself or your friends.

If you read this article, then 100% are looking for "shos" for a gift to your friend or loved one, someone from your relatives, colleagues or, amongst you, you want to make yourself a pleasant present. We fully support you in this and are ready to help. You can now write to us in an online chat (there is no robot sitting) or better come to us in the showroom, if you are from Frankivsk.

The addresses of other stores look in the "Contacts" section, and below we suggest you to get to know us a bit closer. So, how are we different from other stores and why it is worth us to visit and buy a gift from us:

Interesting, carefully selected assortment

From a kid to an IT developer, for traveler or for a boss, for a loved one, for a sister or dear mummy, grandmother, husband, for a close friend or barely familiar dude at work – we have gifts for anyone! Seriously.

We carefully thought out and searched for interesting, original and unusual, romantic, funny or vice very practical and useful gifts, so that for every one of yours request we had what to offer you. So if you are looking for a gift in Ivano-Frankivsk for the New Year party, Valentine's Day, for a wedding, anniversary or banal for a birthday, then we are the first place you should visit.

Carefully filter low-quality and uninteresting gifts so that you are not lost in the search and selection. The choice is one – how to choose exactly what is needed when around so many cool things.


A wide selection of Ukrainian brands

We love our country, support the development of local brands and rejoice because on the shelves of our showrooms about 70% of the gifts – it`s Ukrainian brands.

Useful sweeties that are made really with care and love, and not just with this inscription on the package. Interesting leather or adornment products that do not have dozens of copies, since each one is made by hand and has its own unique features. Author's illustrations on postcards, dishes, notepads and wallets seem to be permeated with additional meaning, a value that can not be tampered with or replaced.

Each brand has its own interesting story of creation and growth, its idea, which is so diligently carried in the masses. It is because of this that we love local producers, buying such gifts to ourselves or friends, you get something more, something intangible and not less valuable in addition.


Convenient location

The SHOS Gift Shop is located in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk. By running on your own affairs, you will always have the opportunity to look at us along the way.

You can choose and order everything on our website, and then just come and pick up your order in beautifully packed at our showroom. You can pay for any payment method that suits you. And if you change your mind and decide to replace something with the selected goods or to complement the present with balls, we will quickly organize everything for you.


Helping you to give joy and happiness

More than just a gift shop – we are convinced that besides the "what" you give, it is important "how" you give it. That is why in all our gift shops there is a packaging service, a large selection of gift paper and the opportunity to purchase or make gift box.

Balloons are always a feeling of holidays and joy as in childhood! Do you agree? At us you can always inflate balls, without pre-orders, and even right here and now. We have a large color palette, lots of shapes of different sizes and funny inscriptions, from which we really love to create non-standard combinations.

We deliver all the presents by New Mail and are always ready to help you create a holiday or a surprise for your friends, so do not be ashamed and contact our consultants, even with the most crazy ideas.


Prices from manufacturers

One of the important principles of our gift shop is that we set the same retail prices with all manufacturers. Agree, it's convenient – come, take a look, hold it in your hands, and then buy and not feel that the internet would be cheaper to order.

Our gift shop is convenient and prices are the same as on the Internet. So, everyone who likes to watch and choose gifts for hours, who just like this from this process like this – WE WILL GLAD TO SEE YOU IN OUR STORE!