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Limitations and life hacking while traveling only with hand luggage

Limitations and life hacking while traveling only with hand luggage

Getting on a journey: what can you take with you on board an airplane, how to properly pack a backpack and what restrictions are hand luggage?
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ECO GIFTS: a short guide on eco-friendly products of our online store.

ECO GIFTS: a short guide on eco-friendly products of our online store.

When you do not know what to give to a friend - give environmental gifts.
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Top 10 interesting gifts for all travel addicted

Top 10 interesting gifts for all travel addicted

Our TOP 10 gifts to travelers, which will help to get more vivid emotions while traveling and to preserve their memories. These are cute and useful little things, without which you can live, but with them it is much better and more fun!
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Store original gifts SHOS

We know what gift you need

Who we are?


SHOS - online store creative, colorful gifts Ukrainian production, the decision for family, corporate, government and purely personal holidays. You can buy gifts and souvenirs for all occasions with fast delivery in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and in Ukraine. Online store offers author and designer gifts. His range we open up opportunities to surprise loved ones, friends, acquaintances and colleagues to bring them joy and become useful in everyday life. That's why things considered the best gifts. Our collection of original gifts are always updated with novelties


Life is not for boring gifts


All childhood love and look forward to the holidays for their wonderful atmosphere, sweets and gifts. Previously, no one gave creative gifts, the girls gave dolls, cars boys and adults - ware. Giving a second envelope of money like "let them buy something," her friend perfume, iron mom and dad set of tools that it already has - not a suitable option. Down with the old traditions live on invention and ingenuity!


Sure, give an unusual birthday gift, birthday party or any other celebration is always interesting, but getting it is very nice and fun. Remember how difficult to choose a present or souvenir that will be remembered and will be useful! Given that, people will be pleasantly surprised, genuinely pleased and certainly never remain indifferent. Our unique gifts will appreciate appreciated by people with a sense of humor, with imagination and unconventional approach to things. Not to be trite and boring, you should be able to surprise and wonder. Present - this is not a trifle, a small budget and lack of time is not a problem, we are always ready to help you with the choice of amazing things and reduce the time searching!


Everyone should know a decent online store interesting things and gifts, as reasons for buying gifts - a huge amount (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, New Year, Christmas, Saint Nicholas Day, Army or Fatherland Defender's Day, wedding anniversaries and many more various holidays or so). In these moments our online gift shop SHOS ready to help anyone after our original gift of professional advice will be pleased everyone - girl, male, middle-aged or favorite aunt, who happily "traded" ninth decade, we find a cool gift any the person you choose to please.


Experiment, choose odd funny things for a gift for a birthday, wedding, men and women for parties and practical jokes, for home, for the family and for the office and everything else. Many items are decorated with funny inscriptions and prints that are sure to raise your spirits and inspire a smile. Our online gift shop just by breaking of gifts designed with imagination, so they must find their place in your daily life.


We appreciate the useful and innovative things because in our online gift shop you will see not banal, boring and long boring show. Are you tired of puzzle that you can give a friend, lover, relative or colleague? Our gift shop quickly resolve the issue. To not complicated variety of options of your choice online store offers convenient categories with which you can quickly find cool products for men, for women, and even gifts for children:

- Purses

- Business Card (card cases)

- Travel-cases

- Cosmetic

- Notebooks

- Treats

- Scratch Cards

- Home

- Toys

- Covers

- Clothes

- Postcards

- Bags and Backpacks

- Jewelry

- Watch

- thermomug



And remember that giving gifts need not only the second half or the mother may need to entertain a new notebook, stylish jewelry or something as delicious natural peanut butter or chocolate set.

If you want to cheer yourself, girl, boy, or someone else - you can find us in marmalade, jam or tea with unusual taste, choose and gives unforgettable emotions from unexpected things. Lift your friends and family something unique - silver earrings, bracelets, pendants; mental - soft toys, handmade butterfly; special - wooden puzzles, skin wallet; or motivating a scratch card or postcard.


The store SHOS find suitable gift for everyone! We welcome you to shop!


  • DELIVERY Free when ordering from 1000 UAH
  • PAYMENT Payment by card: Visa, MasterCard, transfer to PrivatBank card; cash in receipt or self-retrieval
  • WARRANTY OF RETURN Within 14 days without explaining the cause